buy electronics on ecommerce vs classifieds

Ecommerce vs classifieds isn’t a hard to understand but even after that we are discussing here to make it clear the benefits of ecommerce vs classifieds. Being a platform there are some advantages and disadvantages because ecommerce is based on the internet and physical sellers are pretty far from the actual buyer location so it takes time for buyer to receive their product which makes it delay system for buyers.

Sellers in the ecommerce system often enjoy their sales because they often get their products sold out easily without any hesitation and promotion which is a great thing for any seller. This doesn’t mean that the ecommerce websites like amazon doesn’t let their seller promote their products. There is a system to promote your product even further and take advantages of much hire sales revenue compared to that without promotion.

Classified advertising is little or entirely different thing because most of the classifieds advertising websites offers users a free system where anybody can promote their product with free as well as premium ads as per their desire. This system isn’t made solely for buyer and seller because there are several other categories as well. Free classifieds often being used by most of the users, over 99 percent of the users use free ads and rest use premium.

The benefit of the classified website is that it allows users to easily and freely promote their products without any restrictions, It allows users to contact seller directly which is also a good thing because when you are buying products from local stores you often have a time to check the product within your hands without opening the box. Almost all the branded electronic products can be specified with their specs and with their model no which is another great thing. Most sellers on classified websites are often running a local electronics store or selling electronics from their shop.

Finding A Job In Singapore Through Classifieds

Certain times during the search of job changes in one’s career, an individual looks for a suitable job opening aboard too. Among the favourite countries to look to work in globally, Singapore is a common and hopeful choice. Not only is the country famous for many things like the great overall development and the effective government policies, but also for a good standard of living for its citizens along with those expats who come to work there.

Many companies have their regional headquarters of Asia in Singapore too. If you are looking for a job change and looking for a suitable job opening in Singapore, you can find one through classifieds. Known as free classifieds too, these classifieds provide its users with a medium through which they can look for job opportunities in Singapore and many countries aboard. One needs to search optimally though.

The correct search filters should be added to get the most relevant job vacancies displayed. An awesome benefit is that the job seekers can do all this sitting in the comforts of one home. There is going out of the home in the strong summer sun or the cold wintery days. These websites do not take any charges for registering on their sites. Also, there are no fees attached as with consultancies firms or recruitment firms.

Some companies directly post their job postings in them, so that is also an added advantage as it is communication via job seeker and job provider. There is no third party involved. These classifieds just provide the job seekers to look for job postings of varied jobs. They are no way involved in helping the job seeker get a job or a job provider get employers. In this case, the job provider is the seller and the job seeker is the buyer and they meet via this online platform called classifieds.